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For this recipe you need:
one fresh garlic

extravirgin olive oil

farro, 400g

chopped tomatoes

basil or oregan or rosemary

If you are cooking 400g of Farro, that will be enough for a family or 4.

In a large pan pour your olive oil and put gas on medium. When oil is warm put the garlic in pieces or whole, according to your taste and in case you want to discard the garlic later.

Once the garlic has started releasing a gentle tosted smell, put your farro in the pan and stir, making sure the farro gets covered with hot oil. Put the gas a bit higher and let the farro toast gently in the pan, giving a stir now and again, to make sure it doesn't stick to the pan.

Once the farro is smelling nicely and toasted, lower the gas and add the chopped tomato.

If you see the farro and tomato is too dry, you can add some hot water straight from the kettle. Leave it on medium gas until the farro is cooked and firm.

You may add more hot water if you like the farro more soupy.

Serve hot on winter nights or leave it cool down for a summery cold dinner.