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In 1995 we bought a piece of land in the small town of Castel Madama, 20 km east of Rome. Castel Madama is 450 m above sea level, and the. Appennini mountains are just beginning. Winters can be cold with some snow by the end of December and in January. Summers are fresh and sunny. Land in this region has been dedicated to olive oil production since Roman times.

Our land is just 1.2 hectars, and we produce around 200 litres a year. We look after our trees personally: weeding, pruning, treating the plants with organic and approved disinfectants. We hand pick the olives ourselves in early November and personally follow the cold pressing of the olives in local olive press. There are many things to do when you are not busy with the olive trees: hiking on the mountains or gather wild asparagus and other herbs, or go for wild boars watching.